The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - new book covers
Well, THIS was super exciting to be part of!
I'm a huge, huge fan of the books, so this was an honour to work with the brilliant makeup artist Kristyan Mallett on.
My task was to create a new dragon tattoo illustration, art directed by Kristyan, which he then turned into a makeup tattoo, applied to the model as seen in the cover images for the newly rebranded books on the release of the fourth book.
The illustration itself is also used on the back of the new book cover designs.
Massive thanks to Kristyan for getting me involved :)
The back of one of the rebranded Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books, featuring the dragon illustration
The new cover featuring the dragon tattoo design applied on to a model
Rebranding of the previous 3 books with the new tattoo design
Photo from Sterling Books' website - I didn't know there were tshirts, but there we go, clearer image of the tattoo illustration!
From Quercus Books' twitter - the display at Selfridges!
Image from Stieg Larsson's tumblr - clear shot of the tattoo

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